If you’re interested in signing up for Clover just shoot us a quick message on our contact page and we will reach out ASAP and get you signed up and ready to go quickly. Most customers are signed up and have equipment within a week of the process getting started! 

We offer a few different options including Upserve and a few other options depending on your needs. We can process both in person and online so even if your store is online only, we can still help you save money! Contact us today and we will get you started on whatever option you feel is best for you and your needs!

Almost every business we work is is eligible for some free upgrades and most for free or heavily discounted equipment. Contact us today and see if you quality for free equipment. Why pay thousands when you could work with us and not only save money on your processing but possibly get free equipment!

3 years is the average term of our contracts. However, if you’re unhappy and are unable to help you, we can cancel your contract at no cost to you. We want to make sure you’re happy!

Although there are lots of factors almost all businesses we work with are able to receive their equipment within a few days of signing up. Most equipment is shipped within 48 hours and almost always shipped overnight so you’re going to get your equipment quickly!